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The visionary to all of our handcrafted pieces is Rose. Rose takes inspiration from all things nature. She enjoys a timeless palette with an array of soft and durable leathers. Her eye for jewelry making has been put to use for over 30 years. Rose has curated a collection that speaks to her passion and through that, Butler Hill & Co. was created.

About Our Leather


When the design and style have been selected; the piece then moves on to the color palette and materials needed in order to create a quality collection that will be put to good use. Rosie has been working in the fashion industry for many decades now and her eye for color is unmatched. When the colors are selected they then move on to production.


What we love most about our pieces is how beautifully they age with each use; making them jewelry that will hold a legacy for years to come. Every piece is cut and crafted by hand. Kathy is the head of our craftsmanship team. Kathy's level of precision and steady hand allow for consistent quality for every one of our customers. 

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